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Cutting tool
     "Tehnolit " produces sets of cutting tools made of alloyed steel and special wear-resistant cast iron equipment for meat processing industry:
       -Knives: Phillips, involute, trehletnyaya, etc.;
       -Knife grille: Ø100...320mm;
       -Guide rings;
       -Clamping nuts;
       -Shanks for auger;
       -Replaceable blade etc.
       For gyroscopes: K7-FVP-200, K7-FVP-160; WW–U200 – Karl Schnell, etc.
       For emulsifiers: Karl Schnell, Seydelmann, Laska, etc.
       Have a fleet of modern cutting equipment of turning, milling, grinding, etc. groups of leading world manufacturers: MAZAK (Japan), DMG (Germany), Victor (Taiwan), etc.
      "Tehnolit " supplies products to a number of meat processing plants of Belarus and Russia.
      We can produce cutting tool according to your drawings, sketches and samples.
Republic of Belarus, st. Alekseya Pyisina,18, 212026 Mogilev,E-mail:,Tel./fax: : +375 222 275-873

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