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New modern manufacturing of piston rings, cylinder liners and other components  for various types of equipment

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Cylinder liner
   «Tehnolit» produces cylinder liner and other components for the engine of D6, and D12series  (JSC" Barnaultransmash ", LLC " Uraltrac ").
     Cylinder liner produces:
     1. Using steel with plasma ion nitriding of the working surface.
     2.Using special wear-resistant cast iron with nodular and lamellar-CGI.
     What is better to choose, steel or cast iron?
Liners  made from billets obtained by molding freezing, provide given distribution of  structural components of wall thickness, in addition to high strength characteristics and durability  guarantees  increased wear resistance to compare with steel analogues.
   Also,«Tehnolit» produces cylinder liner and other components for engines of 5D49, 14D40 series (JSC "Kolomna factory"),for engines of M756; M400,M500(JSC "Zvezda"); for the engine engines of 6CHN21 / 21 6CHN21 JSC («Volzhskaya DIESEL named by Mamin»).

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