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The President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Grigoryevich  Lukashenko visited the "Tehnolit".

  During the visit to "Tehnolit"  the President of the Republic of Belarus was  reported about the development of innovative technologies and organization of production process of high-quality parts and hydraulic transmissions details , export development and import substitution. Alexander Lukashenko was particularly interested in the perspectives  of "Tehnolit`s"  development. "You`ve  created a good enterprise - it is a fact. But it is only a seed, which was well risen and grew out. Today, we will harvest and tomorrow  we should seed again to get more. "A multiplying effect should be applied here", - President said.
   Alexander Badziaka, the director of "Tehnolit", told the reporters, that the company is successfully  functioning and developing owing  to developed innovative casting technology, which is not reproduced by any other company. "We're producing a small batches of details of  getting a high casting quality for specialized equipment and occupied a niche that cannot occupy other enterprises  that massively  produce these kinds of  products", - he said.
   The director of "Tehnolit" explained that the establishment of foundries at that enterprises need small batches of such details, as a rule, leads to high cost price and low quality of the products. "As a result, a number of companies in Belarus and Russia closed its foundries in favor of our products. They transferred to us producing of   small batches of products, which they used  to  produce, - said Alexander Badziaka. - Nowadays we  already  have lack of production space today, we are building and developing. "

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