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   "Tehnolit" produces piston rings for two-stroke engines of petrol equipment made of special wear-resistant cast iron with spherical graphite. The preform is injection frosting that provides high wear resistance, elastic properties, and also eliminates the possibility of breakage during operation.

     Reference: сompression piston ring of two-stroke engine is one of the most important products included in the site. Despite its apparent simplicity, it can be one of the main causes of engine failure with subsequent expensive repairs or replacement of the entire piston group. The piston ring should possess a high elasticity and perfect fit to ensure good compression and high durability for long and trouble-free engine operation. World leaders in the production of rings produce rings of cast iron, and the only thing loaded is the top compression ring is made from ductile iron. Ductile iron has high wear resistance, which greatly extends the life of the unit and high plasticity, which enables to prevent breakage of the rings to install the piston, and in the process of operation. Spherical graphite contribute to the accumulation and detention of lubrication, which ultimately helps to reduce wear a pair of "ring-sleeve".
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