Slide bearings and ohter parts made of cast iron - Tehnolit

New modern manufacturing of piston rings, cylinder liners and other components  for various types of equipment

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Slide bearings and other parts from cast iron
  Tehnolit produces a wide range of products from special wear-resistant cast irons (gray, high-strength, white high-chromium) for various industries, agriculture and special equipment.
  - wear-resistant guides for telescopic hydraulic cylinders;
  - wear-resistant casings for agricultural machinery and equipment;
  - bushings that act as slide bearings for brake linkage, hinges;
  - cast iron inserts of cylindrical shape;
  - wear-resistant components for construction equipment;
  - rollers for crawler vehicles;
  - pulleys;
  - other details on drawings, sketches and samples of the customer.
Republic of Belarus, st. Alekseya Pyisina,18, 212026 Mogilev,E-mail:,Tel./fax: : +375 222 275-873

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